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Dear Friend,

Please consider this letter to be a "Happy New Year" and a "Welcome to my mailing list" letter. This is the first time I am setting up something like this, and thank you for responding.

Life, and my decisions, have brought me to a point in my life where I am separated from my writings and books (in a storage in New Jersey), from many of the people I love, and from a situation where it is comfortable to write. I face many challenges, and I want to start turning my life around in 2014. It will greatly help to have readers, and readers who care for my books, and who support me in this moment of transition.

Please believe in me, and support me with your book purchases, by telling your friends, by your letters to me encouraging the new path I am taking.

It is my goal to publish at least five new books in 2014. It will be a huge challenge to do this without the help of my readers, friends, and well-wishers. Can I count on your support?

Thank you,

Richard Crasta
Twitter: @richardcrasta
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